About Us

The Inspiration Behind Kenum

Kenum, the name, is inspired by an ancient Egyptian god, Khnum, who was known to bring creativity and prosperity to our ancient selves.

More about Kenum, the god: he was regarded as one of the first Egyptian gods related to not just creativity but he has also been linked to being the source of the Nile, our source of living up to this day. It was believed that he used his potter's wheel and Egyptian clay to create and mold other ancient Egyptian gods.

Fun trivia: the temple of Elephantine Island in Aswan, one that most of us have visited, was dedicated to him.

Kenum The Brand

Much like the name it's inspired by, Kenum today also uses authentic Egyptian clay to provide you with wheel thrown pieces that are both organic and sustainable. Our Logo is another representation of our Egyptian roots. It includes Egyptian sign language that stands for WOMEN and POWER.

Our Mission: Molding Memories

Kenum came to spread joy, warmth and coziness to your home experience. We aim to do just that through bringing you unique hand crafted pieces that put a smile on your face early in the morning, help you unwind midday and relax at night.

Kenum is all about sharing precious moments with your loved ones, either over your preferred beverage, cooking around in your kitchen happily or breathing in your favorite scent.